Less Is Definitely Better Than More

As bowlers, we are a couple of things (insert you own funny label here…). I was talking more about being over-thinkers. That is the one thing most bowlers would agree to call themselves while they are competing. And we all recognize it is not helpful to our cause. So, why do we do it? Probably because it gives us more of a sense of control, and we don’t have the discipline or means not to over-think. Your goal should be to find a non-bowling thought that relaxes you and that you can focus on while on the approach. This could be music in your head or any other thought that quiets your brain and lets your body do what it knows how to do. Or if you must think about bowling, allow yourself to have one ‘approach thought’, or the one thing you want to make sure you do every shot that league night or tournament. It could be smooth swing tempo, staying down at the line, keeping your eyes on your target, etc. Just make sure that whatever thought you use, it is simple so that you can think less, not more.

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