Strike For Show, Spare For Dough

I have discussed spares in a previous Latest Tip, but spares can’t be talked about enough. The path to success in our sport is with the second shot of a frame. Everyone can strike - you’ve all done it many times. Not that impressive to be honest. But a bowler who can spare consistently with precision, knowledge, and purpose has my full attention. If you are in league or a tournament and striking a lot, you are not the only one. But who amongst you is going to make the majority of your spares? That is the bowler who is left standing at the end. Look at the top pros and their spare percentages. It is off the charts. They will all tell you how much spares matter. Do yourself and your game a favor - spend more time practicing spares in your trainings. Practice is not for score, so shoot a spare shot on your first ball, and then a strike shot on your second ball. That way you are guaranteed to get 50% spare shots and 50% strike shots. It will certainly pay off for you when you need it.

"How is your season going so far? Hopefully great, but if not, let’s get a handle on things before it gets any later. Contact me and we will get that average going upward in no time."


“I’m no expert, but I have heard that putting one of those ball objects in your hand could help knock down more of those white sticks…”


“Way too much posing, not enough bowling. But we do look good…”


“What happened to the good old days of just standing still and


Norton High School

“Somebody go order more RKH jerseys!”


The command was ‘say cheese’, not ‘hey everybody, lose your minds!'



"Umm, we have a floating head on lane 15. I repeat, a floating head on lane 15.”


“Yes, after 27 lessons, you too can perfect the art of leaving the 5-7-10."


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- Coach Ron