Give That Brain A Good Workout

In previous tips, we have talked about specific skills to start putting into your game (diaphragmatic breathing, visualization, pre-shot routine, music, etc.). But have you taken those skills to the lanes in your practices? Remember what controls your body and your muscles - your brain. You can work every day on your physical approach, but if you don’t develop some good mental game skills, that flawless physical game may become flawed in competition. Make it a point to devote at least one practice session per week to your mental game. Maybe in this case you actually keep score so you can simulate a competitive environment as closely as possible. It won’t be exact, but it is certainly better than nothing. Doing this consistently will allow your physical approach to stay more consistent when you need it most.

"Hope your summer is going fantastic and that you are putting some time in to your bowling game. Fall leagues are not too far away, so if you need some help preparing to improve upon last season, just let me know."

Philadelphia Bronze

“There always has to be that one guy… oh wait, that’s me!”


“Coaches, I am positive.  That is what they call a mobile talking device.”


“Is that coach on the right asleep or doing deep deep visualization?”



Columbus Bronze

“Not a bad looking group of top notch bowling instructors!"


“Can anyone say cheesy smiles?”


“Those RKH Coaching jerseys look pretty sweet… I might be a little biased…”


“Just a cool photo of the coaches on the lanes working their magic.”



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- Coach Ron