Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you are a passionate bowler, you probably work very hard on your game. Maybe too hard sometimes? Remember, balance is the key to many things, and in this case I am not referring to your balance at the foul line. Marathon practice sessions, or over-training, can be very detrimental to your progress. Although your intentions are great, your improvement and results may not be. Try to keep your practice sessions on the lanes to 60-90 minutes if you are by yourself. This is more than enough to accomplish the goal you set for that day, while at the same time not allowing you to bowl so much that you reach the point of diminishing returns. And bowling balance means more than just keeping your on-lane time in check. It also means working on the other important parts to being a complete bowler - mental game, equipment knowledge, physical fitness, and others. Take a close look at how much time you spend on all these parts of the game, and evening them out a little more will probably make your passion pay off quicker.

"Well, that time is near… fall leagues are starting. If you find that the summer rust on your game is more than you thought, contact me about getting things tuned up before your game tanks too much."

Philadelphia Silver

“Now THAT is a Silver class!  24 strong!”


“Now THAT is a very disturbed Silver class! And yes, this is the future of coaching our sport...”


“Group dinner after being in class all day.  Amazing how food can bring smiles to the faces of grown adults!”


"I think we have seen that smile before… always looks like he is up to something..."


Columbus Silver

“Wonderful group of Silver coaches!  Thanks for making my job awesome!"


“Did I speak too soon??  Hey, what is that guy behind me going to do with his hands??”


“There is some serious thinking going on that that table.  Hmmm, how can we make this bowler average 300??”


“Well, if that just isn’t the cheesiest pose ever!!”



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- Coach Ron