Do You Really Want That Exact Bowling Ball?

We’ve all done it. We’ve all watched a good bowler throw the newest and greatest bowling ball and make it look like the one we have been waiting for our entire lives. And then what happens… we go out and purchase it for ourselves. Sometimes we make it look almost as good, but sometimes it’s a dud. At least for us it is a dud. For other bowlers, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The point is that every ball is not for every bowler. There are so many variables that need to go into a new bowling ball decision - your release variables as a player, the environment where you bowl, what you already have in your ball arsenal and how it would fit in, your ball weight, etc. The ball weight matters a lot because with different ball weights you get different RG numbers and different Diff values. If those numbers are foreign to you, I would recommend you have a discussion with your pro shop professional about how they apply to you for your personal release variables and for your ball weight. If you see a ball that looks great to you, before you buy it, talk it over and see if it really is the best choice for you or maybe a different one altogether.

"We are getting in to the tournament part of the bowling season. If you want to sharpen some skills up in your game before tourney time, let’s get something on the schedule!"

Gallipolis, Ohio

“Somebody needs to tell that guy that photo bombing is soooo 2017.”


“Umm, apparently he didn’t get the memo…”


“This gig has some perks!!"


"Watch out, Kyle, little hand coming in!"


"Honestly, who really has the best hair?? Hint: it is NOT the second guy from the left!"



“What a FANTASTIC group of bowlers in Baltimore we had!”


“Is this Mime 101 or Bowling 101?!? These guys would slam dunk either one!"


“To bowl even better, be sure to place your left hand over your chest. Big secret… shh… don’t tell anyone…”


“Ok, here’s the deal. I will push down. You will push out. Let’s see who wins."


Oxford, Ohio

"I wanted to take the giant pin home, but they were having none of it!”


“Great bowling center, great people, and great jerseys. They even gave me one! Thanks, Talawanda Braves Bowling Team!"


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- Coach Ron